21 Times When It’s Totally Okay To Be A Quitter


Posted on: November 18, 2016

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You know, I never really bought into the idea that quitters never win. Sure, you probably shouldn't abandon your master's thesis halfway through or give up on your childhood dreams, but there are some situations that merit throwing in the towel. It's not usually the noblest thing to do, but for the sake of your mental health, it has to happen every now and then.

Here are 21 times when saying, "Yep. I'm out," is a totally acceptable thing to do.

1. When your favorite celeb couple breaks up and you realize that love is a lie.


2. When you tell your friends 25,000 times that you're a vegetarian and you mysteriously end up at Arby's.


3. When you learn the hard way that people who run "hot yoga" classes aren't exaggerating even a little bit.


4. When your friends ask you to join this weird thing called SoulCycle and you tell them that you don't want to be part of a cult.


5. When trolls flood your mentions and you realize that it's time to leave it all behind.


6. When you forget to leave it all behind, engage with those trolls, and realize that they can't actually read.


7. When Donald Trump opens his mouth in any context ever.


8. When you tell your friends that you're sober enough to walk home and you realize that you definitely can't find your left shoe.


9. When you come to terms with the fact that there's no reasoning with your inexplicably bigoted uncle.


10. When that guy approaches you 30 times and you're not waiting for him to get to 31.


11. When the biggest moron in your class feels like they're dropping the most fire opinion of 2016.


12. When that gym rat tells you you're working out incorrectly and they don't realize that it's a miracle that you even showed up.


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13. When your friends want to see a children's movie in theaters and you know damn well that there will be 6 million tiny, screaming heathens in there with you.


14. When you're having the hair day from Hell and your ex walks into the bar.


15. When your mom thinks it's time for you to start making your own doctor's appointments.


16. When your advisor tells you that you can graduate college early and face the cruel bitterness of adulthood 4 months ahead of schedule.


17. When your bestie wants to know if her makeup is on point and it's decidedly off point.


18. When your aunt decides that it's time for you to bring home a nice girl.


19. When it's not even February and your New Year's resolutions have already disappeared in the rearview.


20. When you decide that squats aren't for you...after doing 3 of them.


21. When you realize that hope for humanity is an illusion for the weak.


See? There's plenty of hopelessness to go around, folks! Don't let haters tell you that "going to the gym isn't even that hard" or that "seeing the good in people is a great idea." Because it just isn't true. Raise a glass (or 17) with me if you want to chuck up that white flag and give up on everything until further notice!

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/just-give-up/

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