25 People Who Need To Have A Few Words With Their Barber


Posted on: March 19, 2017

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Sometimes it’s a barber’s job to say “no.”


Barber: What do you wantGuy: Cheetos puff me up fam

— MoeAlayan (@Moe Alayan)

Barber: Want do you want?Guy: Sharpie me up fam

— MoeAlayan (@Moe Alayan)

Barber:What you want?Dude: Wide receiver in the front and a Cornerback in the back

— ShakaWulu (@black men dont cheat)

His Barber gave him the Playstation 1 graphics Haircut

— ARODneyKing (@Malcolm Sext)

That first page after you change the toner cartridge

— desusnice (@Desus Nice)

Smh I already know I'm getting flamed tmmrw at school.

— LonnyColdChain (@LONNY COLDCH∀IN)


— LonnyColdChain (@LONNY COLDCH∀IN)

I colored it in with a sharpie smh.

— LonnyColdChain (@LONNY COLDCH∀IN)

Barber: "what you after mate?"Him: "give us that Lego high top please pal"Barber: "got ya cuz"

— BarberTwats (@Twïtter Barbershop)

Barber: What do you want?Client: Do you know that moment when you pour the milk into your teaBarber: say no more

— GentlemanVow (@â–²The Gentlemanâ–²)

Barber: What you want?Him: You know the acorn from Ice Age?Barber: Say no more

— BarberFails (@What do you want?)

Barber faded him up with a Comcast remote

— SnottieDrippen (@Tweetgood Mac)

His barber hates him

— NASIDIOUS (@Nasir Regime)

Barber: "what you want?"Him: "just make sure I can see the haters coming"Barber: "got ya fam"

— SteveStfler (@Male Thoughts)

Barber: "what you want?"Him: "just start buzzin' and I'll see how fast this chair can spin"Barber: "got ya cuz"

— BarberTwats (@Twïtter Barbershop)

Barber: "what you want?"Him: "you know when Moses parted the Red Sea?"Barber" "say no more"

— BarberTwats (@Twïtter Barbershop)

Barber: "what you want mate?"Him: "not bothered mate just keep an open mind"Barber: "got ya fam"

— BarberTwats (@Twïtter Barbershop)

Barber: "what you want?"Him: "just chuck the razor at me and we'll see what happens"Barber: "no problem fam"

— BarberTwats (@Twïtter Barbershop)

Barber: "what you want?Him: "you know Hitler's moustache?" Barber: "say no more fam"

— BarberTwats (@Twïtter Barbershop)

Barber: what you want?Guy: You know where spongebob live?Barber: Say no more

— BarberPosts (@What you want?)

25. And then these Gloster Canaries:

Nature: What you want?
Gloster Canaries: Make me look like one of The Beatles.
Nature: I got you, fam.

Read more: http://www.buzzfeed.com/tracyclayton/people-who-need-to-have-a-few-words-with-their-barber

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