A Kindergartner Wrote And Drew The Most Genius ‘How To’ Guide Ever. The Drawings Are Hilarious.


Posted on: June 4, 2017

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Reddit user PainMatrix recently uploaded his son's latest creation. It's not your typical kindergartner's artwork - it's something much better. And by better, I mean hilarious. It's none other than an instructional booklet titled, "How To Poop." It even includes helpful, genius illustrations. You've got to see this.

How To Poop by Some Awesome Kid

Step 1: Walk to the Bathroom.

Step 2. Sit Down.

Step 3: POOP!

Apparently, at least for this kid, wiping is totally optional. Not sure how much I agree with that, but maybe we'll get an amended version in a few years when he puts out the next edition. For now, however, I feel very informed. Source: Reddit Share this helpful instruction booklet with others. One kindergartner will definitely appreciate it.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/how-to-go/

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