Actor Mark Pellegrino hits Obamacare’s attack on freedom of conscience

Actor Mark Pellegrino hits Obamacare’s attack on freedom of conscience!/MarkRPellegrino/status/453426478244315136

Actor Mark Pellegrino currently costars in “The Tomorrow People” and is most recognized for his roles as Jacob on “Lost,” Bishop on “Being Human” and Lucifer on “Supernatural.” He’s also a rarity in the entertainment industry: a working actor whose Twitter feed doesn’t march in Hollywood leftist lockstep.!/MarkRPellegrino/status/339927638548299777

Some books he recommended last month:!/MarkRPellegrino/status/447062018072543232

Pellegrino, who reportedly considers himself a libertarian, likes to open “cans of worms” on Twitter and frequently engages his followers in civil discussions of Objectivism. On Monday, he tweeted a link to an article in The Objective Standard.!/MarkRPellegrino/status/453252817566715904

Here’s part of an exchange about freedom of conscience, free markets, Obamacare mandates and religious liberty.!/MarkRPellegrino/status/453317778687418368!/Kentuckygirl844/status/453318556457783296!/MarkRPellegrino/status/453320906459598848!/MarkRPellegrino/status/453321174496595968!/Kentuckygirl844/status/453321799057416194!/MarkRPellegrino/status/453322413561118720!/Kentuckygirl844/status/453321985792028672

Is there suddenly a widespread movement to outlaw the ability to purchase birth control? News to us.!/MarkRPellegrino/status/453323103058538496!/MarkRPellegrino/status/453323859899711489!/MarkRPellegrino/status/453324108840042496!/MarkRPellegrino/status/453324580430815232!/Kentuckygirl844/status/453324973470281728


Pellegrino disputes a report (linked above) that he considers himself a libertarian. For the record, he calls himself a classical liberal.!/MarkRPellegrino/status/453602385945174017!/MarkRPellegrino/status/453610483007102980

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