Actor Rob Lowe and family hit the White House; Journos swoon [pics]

Actor Rob Lowe and family hit the White House; Journos swoon [pics]!/RobLowe/status/337231324207280129

Awesome. Actor Rob Lowe is vocal in his support of our brave soldiers and veterans.!/RealMatthewLowe/status/337230966936449024

The Twitchy favorite and his family hit up Washington, D.C., today. “West Wing” meets, well, the West Wing.!/kelseyosterman/status/337279932512210944


Son Matthew once worked for Rep. Eric Cantor and he paid his old boss a visit.!/GOPLeader/status/337274523785248768

Others were super thankful that a visit was paid as well: The swooning press.!/susancrabtree/status/337276854429962240!/joshledermanAP/status/337277618778939393!/EvanMcSan/status/337276902052085760

Lowe cracked jokes.!/susancrabtree/status/337277560306159617!/EvanMcSan/status/337277632678883328

And more photos: Swoon!!/rachelrhartman/status/337277039247753216!/DonnaMarieLee/status/337282511929479168!/markknoller/status/337283847802736640

Adorable. Never change, Knoller.!/edhenryTV/status/337282281712525312

Zing! Someone has to: Clown Carney is running scaredand perpetually tardy. Gee, we wonder why?!/AprilDRyan/status/337283630881718272!/dougmillsnyt/status/337276723634778112

Now that is more like President Eye Candy. Are we right, ladies?!/katie0509/status/337287141015027712


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