‘Adorable or creepy’? Not everyone finds the viral video of strangers kissing to be romantic


Posted on: December 16, 2016

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Is it just us, or are you also a little creeped out that the biggest viral thing right now is a video featuring a bunch of strangers kissing each other for the first time? That’s supposed to be “romantic”? For some reason we have this odd notion that maybe “romantic” has to do with actually knowing someone personally before having intimate physical interactions. We’re not the only ones:

http://twitter.com/#!/JDShapiro/status/443462482045059072 http://twitter.com/#!/melsanie/status/443441592041742336 http://twitter.com/#!/PruPaine/status/443969542910664704 http://twitter.com/#!/ohkelly_anne/status/443356181600669696 http://twitter.com/#!/chlo_dogg/status/443436680943767552 http://twitter.com/#!/lizzieschiffman/status/443444616504041473 http://twitter.com/#!/OwlDeborah/status/443495175034503168 http://twitter.com/#!/adamjannke/status/443901258823241728 http://twitter.com/#!/lizpriore066/status/443533870550355968 http://twitter.com/#!/CamTheCiesil/status/443554206541033472 http://twitter.com/#!/BRoid04/status/443426946106417152 http://twitter.com/#!/bewarethegeek/status/443605897399398400 http://twitter.com/#!/franticplanet/status/443520412522405888 http://twitter.com/#!/msnadiaosman/status/443468231378866176 http://twitter.com/#!/mllejae/status/443803265785151488

The video has over 34 million views, and the strangers are actually models, musicians and actors, which means they’re probably playing a part they know that viewers want to be played. Unfortunately, there are untold thousands of weirdos on the Internet who thought this not-so-spontaneous fashion ad was “romantic.”

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/03/13/adorable-or-creepy-not-everyone-finds-the-20-strangers-first-kiss-viral-video-to-be-romantic/

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