Ann Coulter doubles down on using ‘retarded’ to insult Obama


Posted on: December 22, 2016

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Evidently the bottom of the barrel wasn’t completely scraped clean after Ann Coulter called President Obama a “retard” yesterday. And fancy that: She’s still not funny.

@anncoulter maybe I’m a bit overly sensitive, but my 12 yr old son is mentally handicapped. Kind of an additional slap to compare him.

— Mark Quattlebaum (@Markandeaston) October 23, 2012

Nope, you’re not oversensitive. Coulter’s tweets were classless, unnecessary, and mean-spirited. And it wasn’t just liberals hoping to score points against Coulter who took offense.

I think we can all agree that @anncoulter is about as mature as a 5th grader.

— Cessa (@thecessa) October 23, 2012

@anncoulter So u say “no” to cancer references but it’s ok to call the room “retarded”. U r one sick girl.

— Jim (@jimmytwoshooz) October 23, 2012

@anncoulter What would a retarded room look like?How do offensive references make political points?Please explain, or is a book coming?

— Kevin Flay (@Kfflay) October 23, 2012

“@anncoulter “because cancer references are HILARIOUS… must be one retarded room.” because mental disability references are hilarious too?

— Aziz Aleks Aripov (@Zee1949) October 23, 2012

@anncoulter I don’t give a shit what your political views are, using the #Rword is just wrong. Your message is being lost in the hate speech

— Myssie Pillers (@Myssie_Pillers) October 23, 2012

In @anncoulter‘s world cancer is off limits but intellectual disabilities are fair game.

— Tanis Miller (@redneckmommy) October 23, 2012

I want to know why @anncoulter is deliberately trying to hurt disabled people & their loved ones. I understand political targets, but this?

— Luna (@Heading_West) October 23, 2012

@anncoulter from one conservative to another, PLEASE stop using the “R” word!!!!

— joe rollins (@Joe_Rollins_) October 23, 2012

But hey, trolling the Twitterverse sells books, or something. At least, that’s what Coulter hopes.

And for what it’s worth, Twitchy disagrees that President Obama was making a cancer reference when he spoke of “stage three Romnesia.” He also said, “I want to make sure nobody in the surrounding area catches it,” which implies that the analogy was to a communicable disease or some sort of epidemic.

Classless and wrong. Reach for the stars, Ann!


Groan: Ann Coulter calls President Obama a ‘retard’

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