April Fools! Google Maps unveils ‘Treasure’ layer

April Fools! Google Maps unveils ‘Treasure’ layer


Via Google, here’s another pre-April Fools prank:

Archeological analysis has confirmed that our Google Maps Street View team has indeed found one of history’s long lost relics: a treasure map belonging to the infamous pirate, William “Captain” Kidd.

The map was found on a recent expedition in the Indian Ocean, as part of a deep-water dive to expand our underwater Street View collection. Captain Kidd was rumored to have buried his treasure around the world, and tales of a long-lost treasure map have lingered for generations.



Not as funny as the YouTube-is-ending prank, but pretty good.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/03/31/april-fools-google-maps-unveils-treasure-layer/

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