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Hugh Jackman’s beard gets mixed reaction from #Tonys2014 viewers [pics]

Hugh Jackman’s beard gets mixed reaction from #Tonys2014 viewers [pics]!/RealHughJackman/status/475781133322305536!/AudemarsPiguet/status/475811945254109187 Hugh Jackman is hosting the 2014 Tony Awards, and the response to his beard is the definition of “mixed reaction”:!/swampgirlinohio/status/475807833414729728!/ra_ca_/status/475805944454995968!/gwenifill/status/475824734845030401!/JenniferEolin/status/475810872724848640!/Ja9Boots/status/475794844695425025!/NickWestergaard/status/475790391078158336!/whatz_cooking/status/475792501958508546!/waynecuervo/status/475791948616572928 […]

‘It’s gross!’ What are viewers sick of seeing during the #Grammys?

‘It’s gross!’ What are viewers sick of seeing during the #Grammys?!/ActuallyNPH/status/427615129622945792 Amen, brother!!/carolynconrad/status/427676958764175361 Nope, it’s not just you. #Grammys viewers noticed the prevalence of gum-chewing and they are quite tired of it.!/acurlymess/status/427659535726022656!/sabrinalieu/status/427660290918862848!/ktabke/status/427639344024006656!/chrisccoco/status/427669029134667776!/SonomaTiff/status/427668589303177216!/gingypants/status/427668875384078336!/ooph/status/427667031702646784 […]

‘Doesn’t get any more awkward’: Diddy, Bono nearly share a moment [Vine]

‘Doesn’t get any more awkward': Diddy, Bono nearly share a moment [Vine]!/mattzaller/status/422553103691284481 The “Diddy and Bono meet face to face” moment at the #GoldenGlobes did appear a bit awkward to say the least:!/MattVolp/status/422549806419308544!/DougBenson/status/422547681655795713 Vine videos, take it away:!/sfiegerman/status/422550110770589698 […]

‘I’m worried’: Val Kilmer’s ‘collages for sale’ draw horrified giggles [pics]

‘I’m worried': Val Kilmer’s ‘collages for sale’ draw horrified giggles [pics]!/SallyMcSurly/status/437265242960429056 Actor Val Kilmer appeared in “The Doors,” “Tombstone,” and “Batman Forever.” Now, the “Real Genius” is hawking his collages on Twitter.!/ValEKilmer/status/436993263858221056!/ValEKilmer/status/436994703263678465 Yes, he says he created the […]

Kal Penn urges uninsured to #GetCovered; Questions go unanswered

Kal Penn urges uninsured to #GetCovered; Questions go unanswered!/GPollowitz/status/411131222471897088 That question was asked of actor Kal Penn after he encouraged uninsured Americans to #GetCovered:!/kalpenn/status/411216389660479488 It’s supposed to be funny because he said “dong.”!/collegepolitico/status/411227277779685377 Twitchy CEO (“Emeritus” […]

Not just ‘appalled’: Candace Cameron Bure ‘sickened’ by ‘disgusting’ ISIS beheadings!/KalinaMcDaniel/status/506888517491101696 ISIS has reportedly beheaded American journalist Steven Sotloff.!/GlynetteSimoes/status/506888705584279552 After James Foley’s brutal beheading, the White House was “appalled.” The National Security Council feels the same way about Sotloff:!/DylanByers/status/506874366412353536 But […]

Hulk smash carbon emissions!

Hulk smash carbon emissions!!/poohyatyat/status/513751727041155073 Katrina vandenHeuvel is pretty happy here: Loving Mark Ruffalo–He Wants the Avengers to Divest From Fossil Fuels via @motherboard — Katrina vandenHeuvel (@KatrinaNation) September 19, 2014 Yes! Divest! […]

Arby’s has a question for Pharrell regarding a piece of his #Grammys attire

Arby’s has a question for Pharrell regarding a piece of his #Grammys attire!/Arbys/status/427614008946855936 Tweeters compared the hat Pharrell wore at the #Grammys to the Arbys logo, and Arby’s noticed the same thing.!/ESharpAgency/status/427620202935635968!/bkpxo/status/427618280056967169 Update: For comparison:!/PHILTHY_BASA/status/427599885785780224 Editor’s note: The title […]

But, bridge! How hard did winter storm #Janus hit journos?!/kenthinguy/status/425671377677332481 Heh. The hardest hit by winter storm Janus, however? The Christie-frenzied media! Zing! Groan and giggle. Griggle? But, wait! Will journos be saved? Sigh. And […]

Telling: Tammy Bruce notices something curious about #GoldenGlobes

Telling: Tammy Bruce notices something curious about #GoldenGlobes!/Lisa_Luerssen/status/422678071221952512 Wait, what?!/ErnDS/status/422547663045664770 No Obama-fawning during a Hollywood awards show? That’s crazy talk!!/toddstarnes/status/422568776798711808!/RichardGrenell/status/422562906085933056 Did she?!/RichardGrenell/status/422563839050129410 Gee, why would that be? Tammy Bruce noticed this very strange […]

‘Another winner’! MAD Magazine busts Obama on his birthday [Photoshop]

‘Another winner’! MAD Magazine busts Obama on his birthday [Photoshop]!/Kingnorthwoods/status/496336711933501440 Oh, haven’t you heard? Today is the organizer in chief‘s birthday. And MAD Magazine is marking the occasion appropriately:!/MADmagazine/status/496331510476439553 Ha!!/LoLoGray6979/status/496337187483709440 Funny because it could be true.!/Calle_Elefante/status/496333152202141696 *** […]

First viral photobomb of 2014: Times Square tot gives Jenny McCarthy epic side eye!/Evan_Sally/status/418257011856654336!/KarenPilarski/status/418256550482833410 Amen, baby.!/theREALbwitcher/status/418273031702974464 Getting an early start!!/b_dids/status/418252016943513601 Read more:

‘OUTRAGEOUS!’ HuffPo’s Reilly continues to make Ferguson all about him

‘OUTRAGEOUS!’ HuffPo’s Reilly continues to make Ferguson all about him!/AG_Conservative/status/501259622058319872 Law, schmaw! Everything is about Huffington Post justice reporter Ryan Reilly.!/ryanjreilly/status/501249438766354432 Wait, how can that be?!/MattSoleyn/status/501250158164602881 Heh. Some had little sympathy.!/BenHowe/status/501249709517078528!/TattooQ/status/501255244731674625 Gasping! Remember, Reilly is […]