Check out which actress thinks Martha MacCallum makes ‘women look good’

Check out which actress thinks Martha MacCallum makes ‘women look good’!/marthamaccallum/status/380345234208460800

We at Twitchy are huge fans of the always fantastic Martha MacCallum of Fox News. A reply to Ms. MacCallum’s tweet revealed another MacCallum fan:!/SuzanneSomers/status/380356876795256832

Awesome. We agree!!/Ghostrider66/status/380366018041749505

Yes, she does.

Ms. Somers, who does not walk in Hollyweird lockstep, also had some kind words for Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade.!/SuzanneSomers/status/380357833847353344

Yay, indeed. Looking forward to it, Ms. Somers!


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