Chris Matthews wonders who’s on top in Romney/Ryan arrangement

Chris Matthews wonders who’s on top in Romney/Ryan arrangement!/SocialAssassin2/status/251105412026363904

Today on “Hardball,” serious journalist Chris Matthews likened Paul Ryan’s earliest appearances on the stump with Mitt Romney as “a one night stand” and said that their recent campaign appearances together mean they’re “dating again.” We wonder if Matthews will give the Romney/Ryan gay innuendo a rest if we point out that he’s actually ripping off Roseanne Barr’s old material. No? Well, let’s see if Matthews’ version is any funnier.

Did Chris Matthew just say he couldn't figure out whether Ryan or Romney is "on top" in their arranged marriage?

— Keith Boykin (@keithboykin) September 26, 2012

Hahaha! @hardball_chris mentions Romney/Ryan marriage not working then says "hard to figure out who is on top" Lol! #Hardball

— Chris Warlock (@misfittweet) September 26, 2012

Chris Matthews just asked if Romney or Ryan was on top. I'm going with Romney. Ryan has that hungry bottom look!

— David Castillo (@dciii) September 26, 2012

Pro-tip: Gay-baiting isn’t funny, and it’s especially ill-advised from someone who rhapsodizes about the thrill he feels up his leg when he catches a glimpse of Barack Obama, the “perfect father, the perfect husband, the perfect American.

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