Common looks for team members, coaches for Rap Olympics

Common looks for team members, coaches for Rap Olympics!/common/status/230794860997771264

The rapper and actor decided that what the Olympics are really lacking is a rap competition. He asked his followers for suggestions as to who should make up the U.S. Rap Team, and they delivered:

@common @nbcolympics. 7MCs. Common, Jay, Mos, Nas, Kweli, Eminem & Kanye! Instant gold

— DoubleOsoul (@ajbooth23) August 1, 2012

@common #IfRapWasAnOlympicSport. You, Black Thought, Andre 3000, Jay Z, Nas, B.O.B., and Talib

— S. K. Hardeman (@windycityhawk) August 1, 2012

@common @NBCOlympics Common, Andre 3000, Eminem, Kanye West, Young Jeezy, Big Sean, and Yelawolf #rapolympics

— Obi-Wan CONORbi (@conordolan11) August 1, 2012

@common Kanye, Andre, Kendrick, Jay Z, Mos Def, Snoop, and you!

— عبدالكريم الفويرس (@kareemfuwaires) August 1, 2012

A good team needs a good coach. Common asked for three:

So who would be the 3 coaches for the US Olympic Rap Team of 7? @NBCOlympics #OlympicRappers

— COMMON (@common) August 1, 2012

Who’s it gonna be?

@common @NBCOlympics you need someone from 3 regions. Jay-Z (east coast) Dr. Dre (west coast) and Andre 3000 (south). just to mix it up

— Justin McKinley (@JBassiusMaximus) August 1, 2012

@common Suge Knight, Russell Simmons and P Diddy! LOL

— Faisal (فیصل) Malik (@Roc_Soldier) August 1, 2012

@common @NBCOlympics Coaches: Grandmaster Flash, Kurtis Blow, Whodini

— Daman (@dmc_21) August 1, 2012

@common @nbcolympics Premo, NO ID, Pete Rock. Diddy would be the hype man getting the crowd amped. Lol

— Brooklyn_718 (@Agent_M718) August 1, 2012

@common KRS1, Queen Latifa, and Africa Bambotta

— Prophet O. Today (@ATP_JdSkillz85) August 1, 2012

@common @nbcolympics I'd say Twista for speed, Jay-Z for lyrical content and Kanye for style! #OlympicRappers

— Rachell Montgomery (@theultimatetv) August 1, 2012

Being alive is apparently not a requirement:

Oh well.

Awww, yeah! Go somebody!

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