Fanboy journo! Politico’s Thrush runs cover for Hillary’s ‘verbal typo’

Fanboy journo! Politico’s Thrush runs cover for Hillary’s ‘verbal typo’!/Matthops82/status/367310244038180864

For serious! The creepy factor hit a high Tuesday morning as Politico’s Glenn Thrush whipped out his tear-stained diary and madly scrawled out excuses for Hillary Clinton. It’s just a wonder he didn’t throw his briefs up on stage. Shudder.

What prompted him to don his fanboy cape?!/NolteNC/status/367270120923467776

That does not suit! Thrush-y to the rescue!!/GlennThrush/status/367270884676866048

Out: What about your gaffes? In: What about your ‘verbal typos’?!/gabrielmalor/status/367271310780792832

No, no. Totally different, you see. Because, Hillary. Swoon!!/GlennThrush/status/367271676284637184


Oh, well. Case closed!

Twitter users rightly gave the pathetic Thrush the business:!/NolteNC/status/367272270974029827!/ManOfNoFilter/status/367297365184483330

Where’s Gaffe-o? Lapdogs will politely avert their eyes.!/Finfanjeff/status/367290937577574401!/john1gun/status/367282306689413122!/Snarky_Harding/status/367273040633016320!/IcebergFive/status/367287957276733441


And win:!/spongeworthy2/status/367272295011586048

Snicker. Well, we know that Hillary is “no ways tired” of that offensive fake accent. No worries! Fanboy Thrush admits that was “nuts.”!/GlennThrush/status/367276777967591425

Of course by “nuts,” he likely means awesomely swoon-worthy.!/MaxTwain/status/367281938471456768

Yep. Not to mention the planned biopic of Saint Hillary.

AP better get on the ball soon!!/john1gun/status/367277880679469057

Sigh. It’s funny because it could be true. Stay tuned!


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