Here Are 18 Parents Having A Way Worse Day Than You. #15 Is Seriously Messed Up.


Posted on: October 24, 2015

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Each of us will have a bad day, every now and then. There are some factors, though, that make a bad day even worse. Running out of gas, getting a Past Due notice or hitting your funny bone in the worst way can all be terrible ways to end a bad day... But when you're a parent, bad days just seem to be multiplied by 10. Not only do you have a bad day, but you still have a family to take care of. So if you're having a bad day, just know your day isn't nearly as bad as...

1.) The mom who tried to work from home one day.

2.) The parents who told her son to have "just one."

3.) The parents who thought drums would be an awesome gift.

4.) This mom who had to work on her apology to the store clerk.

5.) This parent who just wanted to do some gardening.

6.) The soon-to-be-sad owner of this phone.

7.) Whoever thought getting an overstuffed couch was a good idea.

8.) The dad who just wanted to take a nap in this picture.

9.) The amateur photographer that let their daughter "play" with the camera.

10.) The parents who let their girls feed the dogs one night.

11.) This mom who is making a valiant effort to board her plane on time.

12.) The parents who let their toddler "play artist" with their dog.

13.) Whoever let this little boy play ball in the house.

14.) These parents that let their kid make popcorn on movie night.

15.) The mom who let her kids help bake.

16.) This mom who just wanted to enjoy the game.

17.) The mom who just wanted Dr. Phil to give her some insight.

18.) This dad who thought it'd be cool for his son to teach him how to skateboard.

(H/T BuzzFeed) OUCH. Suddenly, forgetting to pick up milk on the way home or losing your car keys doesn't seem so bad. Just be glad you're not having the day that any of those parents are having. Share the misery (and the laughter) by clicking the button below.

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