Here Are 18 Parents That Will Make You Fear For The Future. Seriously, What Was #7 Thinking?!


Posted on: May 24, 2016

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From time to time, we all make mistakes. After all, we are human. But, these parents took the "eh, don't worry about it" idea to the next level... and it's kind of awful. These parenting fails are so ridiculous, I'm not sure how they even happened. What were these people thinking? Dangling your kids over fences or ignoring them should never seem like a GOOD idea...

1.) Just wait, little guy, I almost have a high score!

2.) Hamster, babies... same thing.

3.) At least he seems to love watermelon!

4.) I think the answer is "NO."

5.) He doesn't like processed junk? WEIRD.

6.) I really, really hope this dad doesn't fall.

7.) And he was SO close to getting that ball.

8.) Now this is an unforgettable family photo.

9.) That's not how strollers work, dad.

10.) She'll be pole dancing before she crawls.

11.) I hope you didn't want birthday cake, kid.

12.) Rule number one!

13.) Just a family, out for an adorable stroll.

14.) Oh no...

15.) Little known facts: cats can be great babysitters.

16.) I wonder who the bigger Star Wars fan is...

17.) Oh no, that's not frightening at all!

18.) Being a neat freak isn't always a good thing.

(H/T BuzzFeed) All I can say is this: YIKES. This makes me worry about the future, but hopefully those kids will grow up and remember what their parents did. Learning by your parent's example can work, even if you're figuring out what not to do. These parenting fails are just the worst, LOL... share them with others.

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