Hillary Clinton celebrates ‘dystopian’ program that the ACLU hates

Hillary Clinton celebrates 'dystopian' program that the ACLU hates

More anti-gun rhetoric from Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, this time at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner in New Hampshire where she again pushed for a new law to prevent Americans on the DHS’s no-fly list from buying a gun:

It looks like she’s used this line before, too:

But here’s the funny part. When did Dems become such big fans of the no-fly list in the first place?

If you remember, Ted Kenned found himself on the no-fly list and was a champion against it:

And the right wing nut jobs ACLU is in a years-long battle against the no-fly list, calling it a “dystopian,” “secret government blacklist” that “violatesthe Constitutions due process guarantees.”

Salon even called a recent ruling against the no-fly list as a “victory over racial profiling.”

And here’s something else to keep in mind. It sounds like Hillary is mixing up the no-fly list with the terror watch list — they’re different:

Good question. Now if only we had a media that would ask her.

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