Hmm: Something seems very familiar about Kerry’s Iran deal spin

Hmm: Something seems very familiar about Kerry’s Iran deal spin!/ShannonBream/status/404630958009499648

Huh. Funny that.!/toddstarnes/status/404438452650799104

Also funny (or frightening)? Some of Secretary of State Kerry’s other remarks on the Iran deal.!/redsteeze/status/404628815118610432!/JoeNYLaw/status/404630419288903680!/exjon/status/404638618053902336

Unbelievable. As Twitchy readers know, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took to Twitter to blast the “historic mistake” of a deal. Safer? Not so much.

But back to the enrichment spin:!/jjauthor/status/404651222419775488!/conservteen/status/404638697184047106

Hmm. Perplexing! One thing is clear: This reminds us of something. What could it be?!/redsteeze/status/404631687168266240



There you go.


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