I Thought I Saw Offensive Ads From The Past Before… But These Ones – OMG. So Wrong.

I Thought I Saw Offensive Ads From The Past Before... But These Ones - OMG. So Wrong.

In every country, society’s views on social issues change over the years. In the United States, a woman’s role in the community has evolved over the past century. At one point, women were treated as objects. They weren’t given proper rights, they were the butt of jokes and they were outright disrespected. It’s hard to believe, but the ads you see below were actually used in publications. Most people didn’t have an issue with them.

1.) Oh no they didn’t.

2.) I know this is wordplay, but beating your wife is fun?

3.) There you go, ladies. Decide on the furniture.

4.) SIGH.

5.) Priorities? Not so much.

6.) Oh man.

7.) Because women totally do that.

8.) Women: getting promoted for getting good coffee.

9.) I can’t even…

10.) This was almost funny, for a second.

11.) So this was okay to print?

12.) Uh-huh.

13.) For a second, I thought this was going to be inspirational.

14.) I don’t get the connection.

15.) We get it, women are objects to you.

Source: Mitch O’Connell via BuzzFeed Chauvinism is less rampant in many countries now, thankfully. It’s just hard to believe such blatant sexism was okay to advertise… although now, there are totally different issues that women and young girls have to deal with. Share these ads with others. They are just unbelievable.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/incredibly-sexist-ads/

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