It’s ‘n*gga season’: Marlon Wayans tweets epic meltdown about Zimmerman

It’s ‘n*gga season': Marlon Wayans tweets epic meltdown about Zimmerman!/MARLONLWAYANS/status/356232806210355201

And you thought Busta Rhymes, Nicki Minaj and Mia “Xanax” Farrow weren’t taking the George Zimmerman verdict well. Celebrity freakout, activate!

According to actor Marlon Wayans, black people are now “officially game like deer” and “apparently killing black children is okay.” Oh, and he’s moving to Paris … or the moon. Plus, something about “one OJ and a BARACK.”!/MARLONLWAYANS/status/356233350312239106!/MARLONLWAYANS/status/356233726675533825!/MARLONLWAYANS/status/356234216209522688!/MARLONLWAYANS/status/356234746113687555!/MARLONLWAYANS/status/356235758635466753!/MARLONLWAYANS/status/356236226203889666!/MARLONLWAYANS/status/356236745840394245!/MARLONLWAYANS/status/356238884297900033!/MARLONLWAYANS/status/356246710227435523

Looks like he’s done … for now. Hey, those tickets to the moon won’t book themselves.


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