Jason Alexander ‘totally gets’ that Benghazi is a tragedy, sees no cover-up

Jason Alexander ‘totally gets’ that Benghazi is a tragedy, sees no cover-up


We don’t know if Jason Alexander is ignorant of just how Twitter works — 140 characters or fewer, please — but we’re sure he’ll see some response to his latest tweet. A word of caution, though; Alexander engages conservatives even though in his eyes they “immediately go to insults and vulgarity” just because he points out how unpatriotic they are for disagreeing with his views.

Here are selected bits from Alexander’s lengthy tweet. (Read the whole thing here.) We particularly like the transition from “I may really show some true ignorance right now” to the statement, “as Candy Crowley confirmed.” Comedy gold.

Okay, Reps/Cons, get ready – cause I may really show some true ignorance right now. I have been trying to understand how it is that you guys are up in outraged arms about the tragedy in Benghazi, Libya.

I TOTALLY GET IT IS A TRAGEDY. And the President must take ultimate responsibility for it. The emerging facts seem to indicate that requests were made for more security in Libya. These requests were either lost in the shuffle, ignored or due to budget cuts and other situations on the ground in different areas – they may have just been deemed impossible. The result was that four Americans lost their lives in a terrible, cowardly act of terrorism.

The President and his people are currently being held up as perpetrating some kind of coverup about this event. Now, here’s where my ignorance comes in. I don’t see a coverup. I see a potential screwup, but not a coverup.

As Candy Crowley confirmed, the event was quickly deemed a terrorist act by the administration – and indeed, it was. And clearly there was either a failure of communication, a failure of intelligence or a failure to act swiftly to prevent this incident and to get the facts made public quickly. But I can’t find the coverup.

Whether it was, as it now seems to be, a planned military style terrorist attack or a spontaneous terrorist attack by a fanatical mob — what difference does it make? It was a terrorist attack. Perpetrated by terrorists – either way. Going before the American people within 24 hours and saying that it was a terrorist act of some kind seems responsible to me.

But regardless, the President went before the American people; acknowledged the tragedy; called it what it is – terrorism; condemned those that conducted it and incite such things; dedicated our country to getting to the bottom of what happened; and vowed to bring those responsible to justice. So — what’s the problem?

So, while still holding the President ultimately responsible for our failures in this instance, I don’t understand what the Reps/Cons are trying to accomplish with this seemingly trumped up charge that the Administration is engaged in a coverup. To me, it seems like grasping at straws for some way to condemn Obama’s highly successful record on foreign affairs and to negate the dozens of thwarted attempts to attack Americans and American interests over the past 3 and a half years. It seems lame and a bit desperate.

But maybe I’m missing something. Happy to have it clarified.

There’s a lot we’d like to have clarified as well, but we’d like the president himself to do it, if it would’t tear him away from his busy schedule of fundraisers and television appearances. So, who’d like to clue in Alexander?

@ijasonalexander Yeah you’re still missing something

— Jason Squatriglia (@JSquatriglia) October 20, 2012

@jsquatriglia ok, so explain. I’m seriously asking.

— jason alexander (@IJasonAlexander) October 20, 2012

@ijasonalexander To clarify, Candy Crowly set the record straight after the debate that she was mistaken. Also, Bush wasn’t POTUS for 4 yrs

— Hunter (@THunterJ1) October 20, 2012

@ijasonalexander Also, Candy Crowley “mistakenly confirmed.” She backed down after the debate. O did was not referring to this incident.

— flyoverland (@flyoverland) October 20, 2012

Where Candy Crowley is mentioned, you have to agree that she spoke up when she shouldn’t have. @ijasonalexander

— zloop (@code3chef) October 20, 2012

Well, and then there was the cover-up itself, which is what makes a lot of people suspect a cover-up.

@ijasonalexander Also, the WH had a live feed of the Benghazi attack. They knew it was NOT due to an agitated crowd.

— Hunter (@THunterJ1) October 20, 2012

@ijasonalexander and if HE knew it was terrorist attack WHY was UN sec rice on every sunday morn show blaming the video

— Rick Clark (@rickdigiphila) October 20, 2012

@ijasonalexander not a “cover up” of illegal activity, but an attempt to cover incompetence by blaming movie when they knew otherwise

— Stick Man Says (@Stick_Man_Says) October 20, 2012

@ijasonalexander it’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up.

— Saul Davidman (@scottauld23) October 20, 2012

@ijasonalexander 24 hours after attack intelligence knew it was not a video. Admin went with video and condemned it and the producer.

— Bethechump (@Bethechump) October 20, 2012

@ijasonalexander Susan Rice goes on 5 shows saying it was video with contrary proof. Blames movie and maker.

— Bethechump (@Bethechump) October 20, 2012

@ijasonalexander President speaks before UN and blames video and those who speak against a certain religion.

— Bethechump (@Bethechump) October 20, 2012

@ijasonalexander Jay Carney addresses White House press pointing to video as reason. This goes on for 14 days after original attack.

— Bethechump (@Bethechump) October 20, 2012

@ijasonalexander Chris Steven’s mother is still asking for someone in the Administration to tell her the truth. What does that say?

— Bethechump (@Bethechump) October 20, 2012

@ijasonalexander how does a responsible administration say no one told them when CIA has evidence they passed on? For 14 days?

— Bethechump (@Bethechump) October 20, 2012

For someone who laments the lack of civility from the right wing, Alexander seems to have received some thoughtful responses.

@ijasonalexander my friend – plz do more research on this issue. look at the timeline objectively. I like you too much to see duped

— Rick Strandberg (@sunsetswfl) October 20, 2012

But all of this sounds so complicated. Isn’t there a simpler explanation from our civil friends on the Left?

@ijasonalexander Excellent post, thank you! Like Hitler, I think the GOP is just going for the Big Lie at this point and crossing fingers.

— Michelle Bannister (@MichelleBCooks) October 20, 2012

@ijasonalexander Rep/Cons are nothing but ignorant . why you bother ..don’t know. Nothing to understand they mislead & blatantly lie PERIOD

— STOPtheSlaughter (@SaveSYRIAaaN0W) October 20, 2012

@ijasonalexander So Rethugs/Tea Party idiots are just continuing their S.O.P: because they’re low-information voters. Facts mean nothing.

— Mac Genius (@Nutriamix) October 20, 2012

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