Journo’s hysterical travel tweets ding Obama, hoodies and TSA; Libs flip

Journo’s hysterical travel tweets ding Obama, hoodies and TSA; Libs flip!/JasonBWhitman/status/405736352605425665

Same here, buddy! So, what is CBS’ Mark Knoller up to today?!/iboudreau/status/405742038618230784

Wait, what? Let’s start at the beginning: Mr. Knoller took to Twitter, as he is wont to do, to live-tweet his travels for the holiday weekend. Take it away, Mr. Knoller:!/markknoller/status/405723510590304256!/markknoller/status/405739596874395648

Snicker. President Obama didn’t escape Knoller’s giggle-inducing musings either:!/markknoller/status/405724076418662400


That. Was. Beautiful.

Next up? Some TSA musings:!/markknoller/status/405732990929494016

And some fashion advice snark:!/markknoller/status/405724761113649153

Heh. Then came some further fashion musings that sparked even more unintentional hilarity:!/markknoller/status/405739890924470272

Oh, Knoller! Never change. But, some libs got their hoodies in a twist, natch. Including the vile Allan Brauer, who was booted for his vicious death wish on Amanda Carpenter’s children:!/yoyogin/status/405765332196798464!/lyda/status/405766369473351680!/Odd_Hack/status/405765302748590080!/Odd_Hack/status/405767152302436352


Media got into the mix, too.!/igorbobic/status/405738227836784640

Double bless.

Please, try to locate your funny bones. In the meantime, here is Knoller’s latest update:!/markknoller/status/405741110418370560

Which one was it, Mr. Knoller? Don’t leave us hanging.!/cfishman/status/405747174899990528

Yes, please!

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