Joy Behar warns women of rampant ‘Rombortions’ if Romney is elected


Posted on: March 29, 2017

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.@joyvbehar aren’t you cute trying to jump on the bandwagon and coin a new Romney phrase. #beoriginal

— Bill Waesche (@bwaesche) October 22, 2012

Last week, President Obama pimped “Romnesia.” Today, Joy Behar is trying her hand at using Romney’s name as the basis for an insult. To Joy’s credit, while Obama jacked his term from someone else, she came up with hers all on her own. Of course, her material stunk, too.

She sent this tweet out first:

When Romney proposes a cut in the social safety net, that’s called a Romputation. If you are a victim of such a cut, you are a Romputee.

— Joy Behar (@JoyVBehar) October 22, 2012

El oh el, right? She followed that one up with her “Rombortion” tweet.

A handful of liberals thought Joy was super-clevah:

@joyvbehar lol

— Krystyna Liebowitz (@KrystynaLiebowi) October 22, 2012

@joyvbehar I will not believe that women will that dumb to vote for the MITT HEAD I think we are smarter than that, I hope

— Bea (@beastihl) October 22, 2012

@joyvbehar keepem comin!!! Lol

— Linda Ferrante (@leisurelyn) October 22, 2012

@joyvbehar nice one!!! :) truth

— Lauren M (@ragdoll246) October 22, 2012

Conservatives, though, weren’t laughing:

@joyvbehar Dumbest thing I have read on Twitter yet. Congratulations. #EpicFail #debate

— Jersey Joe (@JerseyJ0E) October 22, 2012

@joyvbehar #Romney just doesn’t want the taxpayers to pay for it. #Debate

— CherylinMass (@CherylinMass) October 22, 2012

@joyvbehar People who don’t understand how Roe Vs Wade works– like Joy– are Obamastooges #Current2012

— (@LotusTom) October 22, 2012

@joyvbehar Its saving life not destroying choices.

— Brittany Shoub (@bsshoub) October 22, 2012

@joyvbehar … What about the 500 000 little women who are destroyed every year? Do they have a choice?

— Avey Owyns (@AveyOwyns) October 22, 2012

@joyvbehar what about the choice for the unborn. They get no say?What an heartless person you are

— Constance Kirsch (@Kirschck) October 22, 2012

@joyvbehar Not a funny joke for unborn children who never made it to see Romney run for President. Oh Joy.

— Robert Smith (@LoverofCherries) October 22, 2012

@joyvbehar I notice that the baby doesn’t get a choice. Who destroyed the baby’s choice?

— Jason Pelath (@JPelath) October 22, 2012

A few took a moment to point out a fact that repeatedly escapes liberals’ slippery minds: that no president would have the power to overturn a Supreme Court decision like Roe v. Wade:

Only liberals think that’s in the forefront of Romney’s agenda. #Economy @joyvbehar If Romney overturns Roe v. Wade…

— Jennifer Friesen (@JKFriesen) October 22, 2012

@joyvbehar Did you know a President couldn’t overturn a supreme ct decision?Would try for a “clever” name to call you but dumb works fine

— Jennine Jones (@jenninejones) October 22, 2012

Actually, when it comes to Joy, one word sticks out more than all the rest: wrong.

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