Mark Ruffalo redefines ‘brutal,’ origins of crony capitalism

Mark Ruffalo redefines ‘brutal,’ origins of crony capitalism!/Mruff221/status/224958597308755968

We believe actor Mark Ruffalo is fired up about Mitt Romney’s video released this morning (and pulled from YouTube this afternoon over a copyright claim), accusing President Obama of “crony capitalism.” We think we know what Ruffalo’s getting at, but hilarious? Brutal?

@Mruff221 which ones?

— Baecon Clubhouse (@HauteCraigture) July 16, 2012

Which ones indeed. Unless we’re mistaken, this would mean Romney and his camp have been most brutal to the Occupy movement. If memory serves, it was mayors, mostly Democrat mayors, who sent in police to clear their parks. We also recall hearing the term “crony capitalism” long before OWS pitched its first rape tent.

@Mruff221 Considering Crony Capitalism has been A CONSERVATIVE saying since BEFORE T.Roosevelt.. I don't think WE co-opted it #OccuTards

— The AmericanHorse™ (@TheBillORights) July 16, 2012

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