Morning meltdown with Cher: jellyfish, Satan, and GOP wing-nuts


Posted on: March 21, 2017

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Whats the difference between Mitt Romney & a Jellyfish??? NOTHING ! Whats the difference between Grover Norquist & the Devil ?? SAME THING !

— Cher (@cher) May 03, 2012

Whoa, Cher. Easy on the question marks. There’s no shortage, no need to hoard them all for yourself.

Cher went heavy on the extraneous punctuation and capital letters, light on that pesky little thing called truth during an early morning rant about wing-nutty wing-nuts who do wing-nutty things. We’re not surprised. Disjointed rants are kind of her thing.

Saw mitt Romney & wife on tv(He Takes Her With him Everywhere He Goes..She's like His MOMMIE)She was wearing 1000k TShirt,Lota $$ 4 a tshirt

— Cher (@cher) May 3, 2012

Celebrate 1st Blk Pres! Hes Not perfect,but He Has GUTS & HEART ! wheres mitts?RT@scottmo80 WHAT'S DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SATAN N OBAMA"NOTHING"

— Cher (@cher) May 3, 2012

A candidate with guts and heart vs. a jellyfish with mommy issues? Why, she’s almost got us convinced!

Abso-Fkng-lutely RT @TheAmericanPuls @Peace4784 Should M.Romney supported his former Foreign Policy Advisor? Vote@

— Cher (@cher) May 3, 2012

Watch Daily Show StephenColbert Rachel MaddowRT @GregSmeltzer wish I knew more about politics so I could tweet more about it with Cher! Ugh.

— Cher (@cher) May 3, 2012

Great advice! Even jellyfish know that Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Rachel Maddow are the Edward R. Murrows of our time.

Even a Dead Jellyfish has More CHARISMA ! RT @alectinho @cher A jellyfish does have a brain.

— Cher (@cher) May 3, 2012

You r free to leave 4ever @MaryUK @cher She's just like the rest of the Hollyweirds!! Hypocritical 1percentrs! Enemies of the middle class!!

— Cher (@cher) May 3, 2012

Actually i have NO 1000k T's RT @acesadam4 @cher & how do U know what she was wearing?Oh thats right your cloths cost the same.HYPOCRITE! !!

— Cher (@cher) May 3, 2012

That’s right. Cher would never spend a thousand bucks on something as silly as a blouse when there’s a whole world of headdresses and wigs just calling her name.

No hard feelings But HES NOT ! Whats an example?RT @texasmomof3 1st blk Pres or not, he's driving our country in2communism.No hard feelings

— Cher (@cher) May 3, 2012

Must Sleep,but i Watched news &Sang!Blood boiling against GOP Right Wing-Nuts & Excited About Singing!Pissed off,Mitt FIRED Gay Advisor WTF?

— Cher (@cher) May 3, 2012

Romney fired a gay advisor? Does she make this stuff up as she goes along?

Richard Grenell resigned from his position as national security spokesperson for the Romney campaign despite efforts to persuade him to stay. Funny, Cher didn’t reply to this tweet calling her out on her lie.

@cher Blood boiling GOP Right Wing-Nuts Mitt FIRED Gay Advisor WTF?<~ if u have a public platform, report TRUTH!

— Little B*&%H (@sassylassee) May 3, 2012

Looks like Cher believes in life after facts.

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