President Obama floats tired ‘Robin Hood in reverse’ line


Posted on: February 28, 2017

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You’re certainly welcome to do your own Google search for “Robin Hood in reverse” to uncover just how tired this line has become. Tonight, though, President Barack Obama tried to give it a fresh spin by coining the term “Romney Hood” at a Stamford, Conn., fundraiser.

Conservatives, however, seem to remember the left’s favorite folk hero a little differently.

Funny, I remember Robin Hood as the guy who took money from the corrupt gov't and gave it back to those who earned it.

— Just Karl (@justkarl) August 6, 2012

@justkarl Everyone gets that story wrong.

— Melissa Clouthier (@MelissaTweets) August 6, 2012

Dear @BarackObama, Robin Hood has been perverted by leftists. He stole from the gov't and gave back to taxpayers. #AssHat

— Valar Morghulis (@KiltedLush) August 7, 2012

#RomneyHood steals from the poor who have nothing and gives to the rich who have everything cause …that's possible right?

— Bill (@DefendWallSt) August 7, 2012

In a sign of the times, a lot of people apparently have missed the Robin Hood reference entirely and have mistaken #RomneyHood for a place … a very bad place. But if you’re going to get the story wrong, you might as well get it really wrong, right?

#RomneyHood Where Hispanics self-deport and African-Americans lose the right to vote.

— AAmom (@AVD911) August 7, 2012

In #RomneyHood you lie like a rug.

— Whitney (@memfisman) August 7, 2012

In #ROMNEYHOOD. We don't pay taxes!

— Allene #UniteBlue* (@catonahill) August 7, 2012

In #RomneyHood middle-class families get a tax hike of $2K to pay for a $250K tax cut for the wealthy.

— Nerdy Wonka (@NerdyWonka) August 7, 2012

@MittRomney In #Romneyhood you steal working class Americans pensions, don't pay taxes for 10 yrs and sing "God Bless America"

— AverageJoe (@FtGordon77) August 7, 2012

#RomneyHood The land where "I'm rubber you're glue, everything you say bounces off me and sticks on you" is considered cogent commentary!

— D.J. (@psalm82) August 7, 2012

#Romneyhood The Land of The Magic Underwear #p2

— Kathryn Brusco (@KathrynBruscoBk) August 7, 2012

In #RomneyHood poor people go without healthcare insurance while the rich deduct their Ballet Dancing Horse as therapy for pampered wifes MS

— Stupid Should Hurt (@stophrtngusa) August 7, 2012

Obama made the comments at the first of two Connecticut fundraisers where he is expected to raise more than $2 million. Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is hosting the second, a $35,800-per-plate dinner, at his mansion, which is located nowhere near RomneyHood.

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