Self-awareness snickers! Why did Weiner’s campaign manager really quit?!/GPollowitz/status/361507477159821313


That’s right: Anthony Weiner’s campaign manager has pulled out.!/AP/status/361492765386878976

Gee, we wonder why?!/DLoesch/status/361494168947785729

Actor James Woods weighs in as only he can.!/RealJamesWoods/status/361471882475737089


Other Twitter users can’t resist the too easy mockery.!/beatsbybecca/status/361524411507015680!/TeaPartyCat/status/361520043810504704

And The Daily Caller’s “Jim Treacher” brings it home: Why did the campaign manager really quit?!/jtLOL/status/361485077647069184


A snark exit question from National Journal’s Ron Fournier takes the win.!/ron_fournier/status/361336987296350208



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