Some low-information voters think GOP nominee is named ‘McRomney’

Some low-information voters think GOP nominee is named ‘McRomney’!/Red_Reckless922/status/258744657368973313

Yesterday we discovered that some voters will go to the polls looking for the name “Nick Romney” on their presidential ballot.

Today we learn that other voters, equally misinformed, can’t wait to cast a vote against the Republican presidential candidate named “McRomney.”

Was in deep conversation with@neviinev and we came to the conclusion that if McRomney become president we all are going to die

— Mrs. understood91 (@lovely_lee1234) October 18, 2012


— SAMMY NEWTON (@I_amDavis) October 13, 2012

McRomney is like the New York Yankees: all the money and arrogance in the world can’t make you a winner.

— TruthtoConservatives (@ToConservatives) October 21, 2012

im tired of hearing , I’m Mcromney & I Approve this message -_-

— YBB_Lashay$$$ (@YBB_lashay) October 21, 2012

Did anyone see Obama snap & shut McRomney up lastnight on the debate.

— Justin Case (@big_BOSSlady) October 18, 2012

Fuck mcromney!!

— Brieanna (@Bre_ski) October 17, 2012

McRomney need to go over here interrupting the president

— *Prewddie & Thick * (@Its_Meh_Lexi) October 17, 2012

Is it correct to say that McRomney has a foreign policy? Heck can he even name more than 1 or 2 foreign countries? @mynameisrickyy @deppraw

— TruthtoConservatives (@ToConservatives) October 20, 2012

Mcromney full of SHIT!

— ying yang_twin (@snapback_vell) October 17, 2012

This fuck nigga mcromney said high school degree! Tf

— Dennis the menace (@trey_pappi) October 17, 2012

McRomney? mann….. Fuk McRomney

— Darrius Preston (@LiveInHD_9) October 20, 2012

Mcromney full of SHIT!

— ying yang_twin (@snapback_vell) October 17, 2012

Obama Just Need to Beat McRomney… Literally #BlackAndBlue

— Cookie Snatcher’ (@Mi_AndYou) October 18, 2012

I Have NO RESPECT For Liars , Cheaters , Or McRomney ! #Andrea

— #TeamOneFemale❤Nazim (@Only1_HotPocket) October 18, 2012

McRomney’s one of those bitch niggahs

— OB€¥_theD0P€$T (@Kids_So_Dope) October 14, 2012

Yo how awesome would it be is Obama just dropped the shit out of McRomney

— Kayla Hill (@Kay_dork) October 17, 2012

How can McRomney be president if he can’t follow simple rules?!

— Van Piear™ (@VanPiear) October 17, 2012

Fuck mcromney no racism shit

— ☆★LETZ GO-2-THA MO☆★ (@DoubleCupMolly) October 17, 2012

Mcromney over there smirking ain’t shit funny bitch

— R.I.p. Daddy(@ILoveitWenHeEat) October 17, 2012

Fuck McRomney Yeah Fuck You Ol Head #TeamObama

— Bob2Times (@_Bob2Times) October 17, 2012

– Fuck McRomney Ima AssassinateHis Ass !

— BeyondPRETTY™ (@__xDaijahMONAE) October 17, 2012

President Obama, whatever his last name is, may not be running the strongest campaign, but to his credit it appears he has locked up the moron vote.

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