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Whenever I Try To Post Funny OC

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I’m Sure They’re Incredibly Annoyed But I Still Find This Ridiculously Cute. #3 Is Hilarious.

We humans aren’t the only ones who occasionally have our bodies rattled by a surprise case of the hiccups. Our

Here Are The 24 Most Ridiculously Clever Advertisements… That Used Animals. They’re Fantastic.

Advertising is a tricky business. You need to identify people’s needs, wants and desires and capitalize on them. Even if

It’s Completely Stupid But This Might Be The Funniest Thing I’ve Ever Seen. LOL.

How does that old saying go, ‘Let sleeping dogs lie…and then stick paper eyes on them’? Well that’s exactly what

This Dad Hilariously Illustrates The Weirdest Things He Said To His Kids.

Plenty of things happen to parents that you wouldn’t expect. You could read all the books and essays on the

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I’m not really Looking for the answer, I’m just trying to make a funny meme here!

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These 20 People In Charge Of Signs Just Became National Heroes

You know that saying, “Everyone is a comedian”? Judging by these 20 hilarious signs, that might just be true! Who

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You know it’s a prank, but that’s still funny!!!

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