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Treasury Dept. investigating how ISIS gets so many Toyota trucks

The U.S. Treasury Department is on the case! Are they investigating how over a billion dollars worth of U.S. taxpayer

‘Oh bullsh*t’: Cato Institute claims more terror from far right ‘extremist’ groups than Islam SINCE 9/12/2001

Every once in awhile a tweet crosses your timeline that causes you to pause, reload and look again because it

Get the hook! Stand-up comic Sean Kent bombs with this MOAB musing

woke as fuck https://t.co/hRZXnHLUAM — Jim Treacher (@jtLOL) April 13, 2017 It hasn’t been easy keeping up with all the

Nailed it! James Woods sums up ‘the Obama solution to Islamic terrorism’ with 1 photo

In his weekly address today, President Obama referred to the San Bernardino attack as an “act of terror,” and in

American college grad suspected of coordinating ISIS social media campaign

http://twitter.com/#!/ec_schneider/status/507648641642016768 ABC News reports that a Northeastern University graduate is suspected of joining ISIS and helping run its social media operation. http://twitter.com/#!/BrianRoss/status/507636105579995136