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The Vintage Sex Toys Women Used to Buy Look Downright Terrifying. NOPE.

Doctors began treating “hysteria” in women during the 1800s to relieve their pent up (ahem) tension. Medical professionals originally treated

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Have you ever been so overwhelmed by a moment that you completely lost control? Perhaps you applauded a little bit

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Nothing is perfect. That’s just how it is. Some of us may wish we were taller, but we can’t do

These Epiphanies Will Really Make You Think About The World All Around You.

The “Shower Thoughts” sub-reddit has already given us so many strange (but awesome) epiphanies to think about. But of course,

If Someone Sent You This Greeting Card, You’d Be Angry… Til You Open It Up. Whoa.

Your mother always taught you, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Well, this

Finally, Someone Says What We’re All Thinking. If Only Companies Could Be This Honest With Us!

Everyone knows that companies lie to us about their products ALL THE TIME. They can’t all be the best in

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Plenty of things happen to parents that you wouldn’t expect. You could read all the books and essays on the

These 20 People In Charge Of Signs Just Became National Heroes

You know that saying, “Everyone is a comedian”? Judging by these 20 hilarious signs, that might just be true! Who

This Kid Is Literally Me When I Wake Up In The Morning

“I need my goggles! I need my goggles!” I can seriously identify with this little boy who can’t find his