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Wil Wheaton slams Ted Cruz over ‘spanking’ comment

Earlier tonight in Iowa, Ted Cruz suggested that voters punish Hillary Clinton over Benghazi the same way he punishes his

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Sen. Ted Cruz pay tribute to Chris Kyle [pic]

http://twitter.com/#!/GovernorPerry/status/430000041613201409 Navy SEAL Chris Kyle died one year ago today. To honor his memory, Texas Gov. Rick Perry lowered state

Um, WEIRD: Why was this 4-letter word said multiple times during #GOPDebate? [Video, Vine]

Wait … what in the world?! That’s funny because it’s true. Some humor courtesy of Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz

‘That’s just funny!’ Ted Cruz takes a snicker-worthy swipe at Kim Jong Un

http://twitter.com/#!/Matthops82/status/456456716084080640 Was a London salon really reprimanded by North Korean officials after using an image of Kim Jong Un in a promotion? The

Stimulus snorts: 5 years later, Sen. Cruz discovers Obama-created jobs

http://twitter.com/#!/CuffyMeh/status/435415869246545920 It’s not funny, because it’s true. As Twitchy reported, Michelle Malkin schooled the White House with some actual “FACTS”