Actor Dax Shepard freaks out about Hobby Lobby and ‘womb-controlling men’

Actor Dax Shepard freaks out about Hobby Lobby and ‘womb-controlling men’!/daxshepard1/status/483856871124500480 It’s a good thing “Parenthood” actor Dax Shepard isn’t given to idiotic hyperbole. He’s just oozing smart takes on the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision.!/daxshepard1/status/483858221308706817!/daxshepard1/status/483858803394617344!/daxshepard1/status/483859672848277505 Perhaps Shepard […]

? ‘Teen Wolf’ actor Linden Ashby shocked

? ‘Teen Wolf’ actor Linden Ashby shocked!/ScorpionGoddes7/status/516733946256969728 Yesterday,’s Caleb Howe reported on a statement from alleged Oklahoma beheader Alton Nolen‘s mother. According to her, “there’s two sides to every story.” That claim just didn’t fly with […]

‘Why are you never funny’: Lovitz shares words of wisdom from Williams!/locusceruleus/status/499030390624243712 Comedian Jon Lovitz shared some advice he got from Robin Williams while in college.!/realjonlovitz/status/499029435526287361 The perfect response.!/mrgeeberg/status/499030021957509120 That’s deep.!/mikestation/status/499030744346292224!/KrayzieBuffett/status/499037880678092800   *** Related Twitchy coverage of […]