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Actor Dax Shepard freaks out about Hobby Lobby and ‘womb-controlling men’

http://twitter.com/#!/daxshepard1/status/483856871124500480 It’s a good thing “Parenthood” actor Dax Shepard isn’t given to idiotic hyperbole. He’s just oozing smart takes on the

Ben Affleck throws terrorist appeasing snit fit; Gets schooled [video]

http://twitter.com/#!/redsteeze/status/518440627252785152 @MattCover The one topice where you'll see me agree with Maher. Affleck said a lot of words.. words that

? ‘Teen Wolf’ actor Linden Ashby shocked

http://twitter.com/#!/ScorpionGoddes7/status/516733946256969728 Yesterday, TruthRevolt.org’s Caleb Howe reported on a statement from alleged Oklahoma beheader Alton Nolen‘s mother. According to her, “there’s two

John Fugelsang’s secret to getting away with racism? Project onto Rush Limbaugh!

http://twitter.com/#!/TheRealBepo/status/515518736137474048 John Fugelsang is supposedly a comedian. Unfortunately, he hasn’t quite mastered the whole being-funny part. Case in point: Eric Holder

‘Ugh’: Andy Levy unhappy with Chris Martin/ Jennifer Lawrence coupling

http://twitter.com/#!/JKay00/status/500379540230008832 The entertainment world was shaken when Coldplay singer Chris Martin and actress Gwyneth Paltrow mutually decided to “consciously uncouple.”

‘Drone attacks’: Peter Fonda suggests way to stop dolphin hunt in Japan

http://twitter.com/#!/iamfonda/status/426115275449065472 We know where actor Peter Fonda stands on animal rights, and now we know his position on drone attacks,

Amen! ‘The Wonder Years’ actor has ‘kick-ass’ reasons for living in Nashville

http://twitter.com/#!/dorito100/status/446725865557086208 That question was recently posed to “The Wonder Years” actor Jason Hervey on Twitter. His response? http://twitter.com/#!/JasonHervey/status/446730084737490944 Amen, brother!

‘BENGHAZI BE KIDDING ME’: ‘Ronan Farrow Daily’ boards Benghazi ‘humor’ train [pic]

http://twitter.com/#!/bennyjohnson/status/464814378525945856 What were the brutal murders of four Americans in Benghazi if not an opportunity for the media to showcase

Piers Morgan has a suggestion for Pres. Obama to put the nation at ease

http://twitter.com/#!/piersmorgan/status/523124837120610304 As Twitchy has been reporting over the past few days, Piers Morgan has become a vocal critic of the

‘Why are you never funny’: Lovitz shares words of wisdom from Williams

http://twitter.com/#!/locusceruleus/status/499030390624243712 Comedian Jon Lovitz shared some advice he got from Robin Williams while in college. http://twitter.com/#!/realjonlovitz/status/499029435526287361 The perfect response. http://twitter.com/#!/mrgeeberg/status/499030021957509120