There’s A Massive Plane In The Middle Of A Forest In Oregon. And You Gotta See Inside It.


Posted on: October 11, 2016

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When looking for a new home, combing through the endless real estate listings is almost as frustrating as finding a seat on a packed flight.  Suggestion? Maybe you should start scrolling through the aircraft pages instead. Oregon native Howard Bruce Campbell (no relation to Evil Dead actor Bruce Campbell...I think) purchased this retired Boeing 727 back in 1999 for the low, low cost of $100,000. Campbell then spent another $120,000 figuring out the logistics of site rent, wing and tail removal and transportation -- bringing his total to a modest $220,000. His website for the project details instructions for others looking to follow him down the runway of aviatrix abodes and even offers directions on how to stop by for a visit.

This isn't your average mobile home.

Lots of natural light options.

No need for a quirky doormat here.

"One cheese pizza please...We're the second house on the left, you can't miss us."

What a view.

Plenty of guest seating!

Built-in light show every night.

All the comforts of home!

The one, um, small drawback: airplane bathrooms aren't known for being too homey.

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