These 20 Kids Are Hilariously Bad At Hide And Seek. This Had Me Laughing So Hard…LOL.


Posted on: July 16, 2016

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There are some things that most children are naturally good at. For example, more often than not they are wonderful at playing. Kids are creative, fun-loving and a positive part of our lives... so having fun is easy for them. Sometimes, though, they need a little practice at being kids. These 20 children, for example, need to spend some serious time practicing hide and seek. Because, d'oh!

Now, where could he be...

I don't see my that little girl anywhere.

This boy is a master of disguise.

Sibling hide and seek skills.

Someone may want to give this kid some hide and seek tips.

At least she had the right idea.

He couldn't see anyone else, that's the important thing.

Okay, this one isn't half bad.

They can still see you, kid, even though you're not wearing clothes.

Well, he was half there.

LEGO fail.

A little dangerous, but very clever. I like your style, kid.

The lazy girl's version of hide and seek.

The drapes... they always go for the drapes.

A for effort, girl!

There's something funny about that lamp...

Adorable, but no.

Also adorable.

Okay, she didn't even try to fit herself behind the towel.

Annnnd WIN.

Some were clever. Some weren't so clever. But all I know is that the kid hiding behind the alligator and the one in the couch have promising hide and seek careers ahead of them. They have what it takes! Source: If this made you smile, spread the happiness by sharing this article with others.

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