These 38 Ridiculous Signs Prove That People Are The Worst. Humanity Is Doomed.


Posted on: March 17, 2016

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Once you've been on this Earth long enough, you'll realize something: most people are the worst. People can be rude, arrogant, ignorant and just plain destructive. Thanks to those terrible folks, society needs to watch its back in the weirdest ways. For example, these signs shouldn't have to exist. But, thanks to people who are pretty awful, they need to. The people these signs were intended for make one thing pretty clear... humanity is doomed.

1.) Hopefully your kids are NOT here.

2.) Solid advice you should probably take.

3.) It's sad we even have to think about this.

4.) Unfortunately so true.

5.) They make a really good point.

6.) Drunk messes in the road, watch out.

7.) LOLOL, yep. We were all thinking it.

8.) Tip your waitress, don't verbally abuse her.

9.) Only if you're terrible at using a zipper.

10.) It sure does. Especially for fish lovers.

11.) Noted. Twice.

12.) Even churches have jerks in them.

13.) No diving... or anything, really.

14.) You would think that would be self explanatory.

15.) Do NOT ramp towards the crocodiles.

16.) Those pigeons are harsh, man.

17.) Hopefully no one took this seriously. Hopefully.

18.) Unless you're stupid enough to try, which in that case, go ahead.

19.) If you need an explanation... you've already failed at life.

20.) Ugh, a FINE?

21.) And I ALWAYS try to do that, too.

22.) So I'm not supposed to tease the animals with tasty baby meat, right?

23.) Ew. Why is this even necessary?

24.) It's so hard to find a good litterbox.

25.) If you want to mess with a crocodile, the results are pretty much ALL bad.

26.) They should add "duh" at the end.

27.) Every workplace should have this.

28.) Awww, shoot.

29.) I know, toilets can be tough to figure out.

30.) They especially hate the molestation.

31.) People are always trying to ruin your fun...

32.) Why are so many people molesting zoo animals?

33.) Why is this even a necessary warning sign?

34.) ... and they would still probably have a better life.

35.) If only this were true.

36.) WHY????

37.) Then don't put doors on the stairwells, JEEZ.

38.) Sigh. ... people. C'mon.

Seriously, people? SERIOUSLY? At the very least, hopefully they paid attention to these signs and did what they asked them to do. If those humans couldn't even manage that, then they probably deserve whatever happens to them. Yikes. Share the ridiculousness with others by clicking below.

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