These Are The 27 Dumbest Things That Have Ever Happened. Seriously, Go Back To Kindergarten.


Posted on: April 16, 2016

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It's impossible to say how or why these people got so misguided, but the result is absolutely hilarious. These are the dumbest things that have happened in the history of man and, although it's funny, it could make anyone lose their faith in humanity.

Every new generation is apparently worse than the last.

1. The person who doesn't know what a sloth is. Or a cat, for that matter.

2. The person who forgot a vital word in this status.

3. The person who doesn't understand how shadows work.

4. The person that we all hoped was joking.

5. The person who doesn't get where the Great Wall of China is.

6. The person who apparently has never seen an apple before.

7. The person who can't really count.

8. The person who didn't realize "Obama" was his last name.

9. The person who was a little slow on the uptake here...

10. The person who needs to go back to 6th grade sex education class.

11. The person who doesn't understand what movies are.

12. The person who disappointed every history teacher in the world.

13. The person that didn't understand what reptiles are.

14. The person who let technology destroy their brain.

15. The person with insane sex-ed questions.

16. The person who just... didn't... get it.

17. The person who said "underwater lake."

18. The people who think cologne is spelled "colon."

19. The person who wrote this terrible, terrible question.

20. The girl who wrote this tweet.

21. The people that don't know the difference between angles and angels.

22. The person that gets confused by elevators.

23. The person who doesn't know what real life is.

24. The person who doesn't know anything about the world.

25. The person who confused lion and loin.

26. The person that deserved to be dying bread.

27. The person who shouldn't be in college. Or high school. Or maybe even grade school.

And now we are all stupider for having read each of those posts.

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