This Is The Most Brilliant Photography I’ve Seen In A Long Time. You’ll See What I Mean… LOL.


Posted on: February 6, 2016

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No two artists are the same, even if they have the same subjects or mediums. Zack Seckler, a Boston native that’s living in New York City, is a photographer. He's also one of the most unique individuals we have discovered in the art world. What sets Zack apart isn’t his high-brow analysis of his photos or his special techniques… it’s his sense of humor. He is able to celebrate the ridiculous or silly in life, even during the most mundane moments. You can see it in his work (and even on his website). His humor makes looking through his photo series a delight. It's so easy to be drawn in.

His humor series is full of every day occurrences...

But each has a small, ridiculous twist.

These are delightful.

The offbeat moments in time are simple.

But they're also entertaining.

He sees the humor in the mundane.

It's something more of us should learn to do.

"People view life through their own lens. I enjoy refocusing that lens and playing with our expectations of the world."

"By putting an uncommon twist on common experiences, I create images that inspire humor and imagination. With that, I hope to expand each person’s view -– for at least a moment."

Learn to see the world differently...

By looking at it ALMOST the same way.

Source: Zack Seckler When you let yourself be enveloped by a personality like Zack's, your world view can instantaneously be improved. Even reading through his website is enjoyable. His "about" page doesn't contain a list of accomplishments. Instead, it lists notes for writing an "about" page, like this: 4. Insert endearing joke about your Mom being your biggest fan. This will lessen any impression that you’re big-headed. Plus, Mom will like it. His art and his outlook are unique and worth sharing. Click below to show other people his whimsical world view.

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