This Kid In A T-Rex Costume Is The Greatest Thing You’ll Watch (100 Times) Today

With Halloween right around the corner, all those procrastinators are frantically wondering what kind of costume they’re gonna wear this weekend. With just a couple of days left, there’s really no time to put together an elaborate costume on your own, and most out-of-the-package costumes are pretty subpar.

But there is one costume that’s both horrifying and hilarious at the same time…

This inflatable T-rex costume.

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Just in case replaying this video over and over again isn’t enough to satisfy your funny bone / convince you that this is the right costume for Halloween 2k15…

Here it is in action on the American Ninja Warrior training course, failing hard.

More like American Ninja Dinosaur.

Here it is chasing a Jeep…or getting chased by a Jeep — who knows?

Here it is having the time of its life on a bouncy castle pad.

And finally, who said sexy couldn’t also be scaly?

Yep, this is perfect. I’d like to see a whole gang of these running through the streets on Halloween…I think I’d die of a heart attack and laughter all at once. But, I am irrationally afraid of dinosaurs, so there’s that.

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