‘Tone deaf’: Deputy chair of Minn. GOP politicizes Robin Williams’ death


Posted on: July 31, 2016

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How soon is too soon to politicize the death of actor and comedian Robin Williams? Tonight was definitely not the night, a lesson apparently not learned by Republican Party of Minnesota deputy chair Chris Fields. Bluestem Prairie explains how Williams’ death led to a political Twitter war between Fields and Ellen C. Anderson, social media director of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.

Anderson tweeted a tribute to Robin Williams from her personal account.


Innocent enough, right?

http://twitter.com/#!/DJDanielson/status/498981869502103552 http://twitter.com/#!/ChrisFieldsMN/status/498985304729350144 http://twitter.com/#!/ChrisFieldsMN/status/498986226318602243

This might be a good time to stop digging.

http://twitter.com/#!/justsayOV23/status/498984315666313217 http://twitter.com/#!/ViaMarsala18/status/498984692943970306 http://twitter.com/#!/JonHoffmannMN/status/498985519011737600 http://twitter.com/#!/carlymelin/status/498986165496979457 http://twitter.com/#!/ChrisFieldsMN/status/498988736521465856 http://twitter.com/#!/ChrisFieldsMN/status/498991431324012545 http://twitter.com/#!/ChrisFieldsMN/status/498995165651283968 http://twitter.com/#!/BekaBooMN/status/499000121078472704 http://twitter.com/#!/ChrisFieldsMN/status/499000775197351937 http://twitter.com/#!/JonHoffmannMN/status/499002010503376896

Editor’s note: The text of this post originally referred to Fields as Minnesota State GOP secretary. Fields no longer serves as secretary; he is the state party’s deputy chair. The post has been amended accordingly.



Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/08/11/rock-bottom-deputy-chair-of-minnesota-gop-politicizes-robin-williams-death/

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