Tweet-vultures feast as Toronto mayor removed from office over minor transgression

Tweet-vultures feast as Toronto mayor removed from office over minor transgression!/Stonr1/status/273254645902745600

Generally speaking, the names of Canadian mayors do not trend on Twitter. So, when one pops up, we at Twitchy take notice. Today, that actually happened, so we have to marvel at all of the hate being thrown at conservative Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

Fuck Rob Ford , off to work at KFC for you piggy .

— Bear Grylls (@JosephMJSantos) November 27, 2012

Ford’s story shocked Canada today when a court found him guilty in a conflict-of-interest case and declared his office vacant. According to the Toronto Star, his offense was “voting to absolve himself of the need to repay $3,150 to lobbyists from whom he had improperly solicited donations for his private football foundation.”  Ford did not profit personally, and the amount of money involved was modest.

Naturally, the haters were jubilant:

Looks like Toronto finally stopped the gravy train and tossed that fat tub of lard Rob Ford to the curb.Can’t wait to see who’s next…

— John Douglas Newton (@thejohndnewton) November 27, 2012

Notice to all those gleeful at Rob Ford being removed from office: fat jokes still aren’t funny.

— Lauren Oostveen (@laurenoostveen) November 26, 2012

You fat fuck .. Rob Ford finally gone and I’m from BC #cheeseburger

— Harman Sandhu (@MotherFkinJones) November 27, 2012

So that’s why Rob Ford was trending. lol wow Serves that fat fuck right.

— Sirkowski (@sirkowski) November 27, 2012

Fuck rob ford !! I aint give a fuck bout that obese asshole!!

— Crimy La Fleur(@mrcaway1love) November 27, 2012

“knock, knock” Mayor Rob Ford: “who’s there?” “fuck off.”

— Jordan Karlis Fraser (@KarlisFraser) November 27, 2012

As ExMayor Rob Ford…and kick him out of office for being a cunt – “@burgerking: What’s your favorite way to dress up a Chicken Sandwich?”

— Sardo Numspa (@VonLinguini) November 26, 2012

OK, Ford is overweight. We get that.

But Ford also happens to be a staunch conservative and, apparently, an effective mayor. And some conservatives suspect that those are the real reasons why he was removed from office.

My TV monologue on the judicial coup d’état against Rob Ford:… #cdnpoli #topoli

— Ezra Levant (@ezralevant) November 27, 2012

From Levant’s video:

In two short years since being elected, Ford has scrapped the vehicle tax. He started ripping out those traffic-jamming bike lanes. He was trimming city hall political budgets. He privatized garbage pick-up to non-union [companies]. And amazingly he brought the city to a surplus not a deficit.  That’s why Toronto voted for him. Because even though he’s fat[,] he’s a better mayor than [the] fancy-pants class of political elites who despise him.

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