We Should All Thank The TSA Agents Who Made Sure These 24 Items Didn’t Make It On The Plane.


Posted on: March 3, 2016

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Everyone hates the TSA lines. Whether they're doing a full pat down on Grandma or only have one line open during rush hour, we often don't understand why we even need them. But when you check out their Instagram account (yes, they actually have one) and see the 24 crazy, stupid, and incredibly dangerous things passengers have tried to take on board in the last month ALONE, you'll be glad they're still around. You might even welcome that extra frisky pat down at 5am... just kidding ;)

1. This knife from the airport in Port Columbus, while beautiful, doesn't seem too hard to spot.

2. Umm, was this guy a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Chicago needs to be on the lookout for Shredder!

3. Another weapon in Chicago. Pent up anger over winter maybe??

4. Chicago, again. Just because it shoots mace, doesn't mean it's not a gun!

5. At least they TRIED to hide it, I guess.

6. Firecrackers on a plane in Chicago. What is with these Chicagoans?!

7. Though they found this decommissioned bomb in Cincinnati, it's still illegal... and stupid.

8. Nothing they love more in Houston than their guns.

9. Those Bostonians are wicked crafty.

10. This loaded gun in Detroit is no joke.

11. Drugs in Philly? Yup.

12. Lipstick knife, hatchet knife, push dagger, and a gun knife. Yowza.

13. That's a spear gun in Denver. There's no ocean in Denver. Sigh.

14. This guy really wanted to bring his meat cleaver to St. Louis.

15. Go Dallas (throwing) Stars!

16. Oh those New Yorkers and their knuckle blades...

17. Just one of 18 loaded guns discovered in ONE day across the nation.

18. While super cool, these batman ninja stars are also super stupid to bring on the plane.

19. Cool gun. Just don't bring it on the PLANE!!!

20. Throwing knives in a hollowed out ninja book. In the nation's capital. Smart?

21. This is just funny. Bravo Yuma.

22. This is a prop grenade inhaler. How is this a good idea?

23. Gotta love knuckle knives in Hawaii.

24. These are just a few of the 150+ loaded firearms discovered in carry-on (not checked) bags in June.

(Source: TSA Instagram via 22 Words) I don't know about you, but I'm never going to say another bad thing about the TSA again. Even though it stinks waiting in long lines and walking around in socks while a machine takes a naked picture of you, I'm even less excited about getting on a plane with these "toys."  

Read more: http://viralnova.com/tsa-weapons/

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