Whoops! Did Ellen Page inadvertently suggest Obama should get out of politics?


Posted on: January 2, 2017

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Oversimplify very much.

Ellen Page is totes disgusted with the gender pay gap in America, you guys. And this morning, she took to Twitter to share her frustration:


Can she get an “amen”? Even though she doesn’t know what “begs the question” means? You bet!

http://twitter.com/#!/Elvan_Demi/status/453891609168732160 http://twitter.com/#!/Kegluneq1103/status/453893273883779072 http://twitter.com/#!/Hey__Its_Kate/status/453893192937533440 http://twitter.com/#!/weirdandbadass/status/453891896020975616

If only she weren’t Canadian …

http://twitter.com/#!/ImAPolarPopKid/status/453894455615963137 http://twitter.com/#!/piotrRasputn/status/453902956971032578 http://twitter.com/#!/RatedRen34/status/453899277492711424 http://twitter.com/#!/Springe11r/status/453897166604337152 http://twitter.com/#!/JTCornish/status/453892346107551744 http://twitter.com/#!/EqualityDepot/status/453892704762478592

Smart take!

Here’s another:


Wow. Don’t stop now, guys!

http://twitter.com/#!/MeowOmgACat/status/453892832399740928 http://twitter.com/#!/apearlpicnic/status/453915288044462080 http://twitter.com/#!/newageamazon/status/453891679628836864

That’s nice.


Wendy Davis? If anyone needs us, we’ll be in a corner, laughing hysterically to ourselves.

Maybe instead of railing against a tired lib talking point based on manipulated data …


Miss Page should take a closer look at her hero in the White House:


C’mon, Ellen. Let’s see some outrage!



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Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/04/09/whoops-did-actress-ellen-page-inadvertently-suggest-obama-should-get-out-of-politics/

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