You’ll Never Be Able To Explain These 20 Absurd Accidents. How In The… ?!

You'll Never Be Able To Explain These 20 Absurd Accidents. How In The... ?!

No one plans to get into an accident–that’s why they’re called accidents. Maybe you forgot to use your turn signal, maybe the driver behind you wasn’t paying attention, or maybe an elephant decided to take its bad day out on your parked automobile. Anything can happen, that’s easy to understand. How they happened, well, that’s a completely different story. Just look at these mysterious collisions.

1.) The only thing dumber than asking an elephant for directions is forgetting to say thanks.

2.) Just add it to the list of reasons why you shouldn’t make fun of the kid who says they can bend things with their mind.

3.) The driver must have thought it was called a “doom” buggy.

4.) “We’re under arrest.”

5.) All of that spare change they kept in the cup holders really saved the day!

6.) “I told you, we did it.”

7.) This is what happens when you skip breakfast.

8.) “Let me just squeeze in here.”

9.) Giant Lionel Messi, you have so explaining to do!

10.) You have to admire their commitment to authenticity.

11.) No A.C.

12.) It must have been their first visit.

13.) There must have been some mix-up down at the factory.

14.) That’s what you get for not driving them to the mall.

15.) Why stop if it wasn’t your fault?

16.) Really hooked that one.

17.) Well, that explains how print media died.

18.) Just keeping things nice and loose.

19.) The other dimension is obviously at fault for this one.

20.) “You seemed so lonely up there.”

You have to be careful out there, it doesn’t matter where you are. You never know when someone might drive their boat onto that putting green your standing on. Share this post using the button below.

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